First post

I will not bother writing a big introduction, for outside is an empty void.  No-one knows me, I am just another head passing through the meandering streets.  Which is fine. 

The half empty/full glass is an overused metaphor. Right now I am in the stages of grief/ loss fluxing between the stages of isolation/ bargaining/ depression and acceptance.

The blog is meant to be a cathartic/ purgative remedy, it reminds me of a DVD extras broadcasting in the Virgin Store at Union Square 14th. The director/ or some guy was narrating/ analysing Rambo: First Blood, where John Rambo is being cornered scrambling into an abandoned mine and emerges stronger.

A typical hero's journey where the hero heads in Rambo's case literally into a cave..and the ordeal/ training montage-> reward back and resurrection/ metamorphosis. This blog is part of my ordeal/ training montage.




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